DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS:                     15 APRIL 2019
FUNCTIONAL TITLE:                                           ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
LEVEL:                                                                     GL-5
SECTION:                                                                REGIONAL AND LIAISON OFFICE
LOCATION:                                                             DHUSAMAREB
DURATION OF CONTRACT:                              ONE (1) YEAR FIXED TERM
Special Notice
This position is based in Dhusamareb and is funded for an initial period of one year and may be subject to
extension. Appointment against this post is on a local basis. The candidate is responsible for any travel expenses
incurred in relation to this appointment. All applicants are strongly encouraged to apply on-line as soon as possible
after the job opening has been posted and well before the deadline stated in the job opening.
Interested applicants who are working with UN Contractors must fulfil the obligations of their contracts with the
UN Contractors in order to be eligible to apply for this vacancy.

Look this document: final_jo_administrative_assistant_gl-5_dhusamareb Administrative_assistant dhusamareb